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midiBeam sets you free on stage and in the studio

Total control

Dreamt about no wires and cables? This dream came true: our midiBeam system makes the good old MIDI cable obsolete. You can use your favourite MIDI controller as free as you've never imagined with this small transmitter unit.

Our system can transfer MIDI signal for a few hundred meters without any problem. And you can use them in parallel if you want to connect more controller.


Play without cables


Our midiBeam system consists of a transmitter and a receiver unit sold together. The transmitter has a regular 5-pin DIN MIDI input which can be fed with your controller data. Every MIDI message will be transported safely on air.


Listening waves


The RX02 receiver unit catches all the incoming MIDI waves sent by his transmitter pair and converts to standard 5-pin MIDI DIN out or USB. It can also act as a regular USB-MIDI interface if you don't pair it with a transmitter.


Sending data


The TX02 transmitter unit is powered by AAA batteries and its single MIDI input listens to your performance and sends it wirelessly to his receiver. It works for at least 60 hours before you have to change the batteries.


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