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Make your MIDI controller wireless - choose midiBeam!

Our two-box system connects any controller having a standard 5-pin MIDI Out socket to any of the following devices:

  • any synthesizer, sound generator, effect device, computer having a standard MIDI In socket,
  • any laptop or desktop computer having a USB connector,
  • any iOS 7+ device (iPhone, iPad) with a Camera Kit.

Connect the TX02 unit to your controller's MIDI Out jack, and switch them on. The small box is ready to air your performance data. (AAA size batteries are needed).


Connect the RX02 box to your destination's USB or MIDI In jack, and it starts to listen MIDI data from your transmitter. (If you use MIDI In you will need a mini USB power supply widely used for mobile phones.)


But it's not the full story. You can use a maximum of as much as 76 midiBeam transmitter-receiver pairs at the same place without any interference - just use the units' Pairing button to connect them.

And we still have a surprise. RX02 can act as a simple USB-to-MIDI cable interface with MIDI In and Out if you don't need the wireless operation apparently.

Installing the system is a breeze: no driver software is required and you don't have to fight with different settings - both boxes are plug-and-play devices.

Users say

  • „And it works GREAT!! Even inside the sax bell of the Synthophone, with the metallic cover on, fully enclosed (!!) I get a flawless performance of wireless MIDI, tested at a distance of over 10m thru concrete walls in between TX02 and RX02!“ - Martin Hurni of Softwind Instruments, inventor of Synthophone.

  • So far I am impressed! I like the extremely small size of the TX unit and the lack of an external antenna. The unit I used previously had an antenna broken down twice."

  • "Pairing was easy, I just had to find a reliable USB power supply. When I did, I hooked up the unit to my AX-1 and my Korg Kronos and took a walk around the house. No drop outs or any kind of adverse operation."

  • "Package has arrived yesterday. I quckly gave it a try, the result of the first short test: is it's perfect!"

Order now

We believe in quality - we provide a limited lifetime warranty of repairing or replacing your units if they go defected. We ship you your orders to your Paypal registered address unless you specify an alternative - just send us an email to pandamidi.elektromedia@gmail.com.

If you are from the European Union and buy midiBeam as a company just provide us your EU VAT number by email and we will refund VAT to you. 


Your price on a single midiBeam system (RX02 + TX02, without batteries) is 149 EUR, including handling and shipping to any place all over the world, wherever you live. Click on the Buy Now button below and order midiBeam today!


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TX02 transmitter
Dimensions: 63x48x15 mm (2.5"x1.9"x0.6")
Weight: 36 g
Socket: MIDI In
Power: 2 x AAA batteries, works for 66 hours (average)
Auto power off: programmable (10 min, 30 min, 60 min, off)
Range: 250+ meters open air
Radio band: 2.4 GHz, 76 channels
Radio power: programmable in 4 steps
Latency: 0.38 milliseconds
Software: upgradable

RX02 receiver
Dimensions: 83x54x31 mm (3.2"x2.1"x1.2")
Weight: 58 g
Sockets: MIDI In, Midi Out, mini USB
Power: mini USB
Operation modes: 1/ wireless receiver, 2/ cable USB-to-MIDI interface



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